Monday, January 9, 2012

A Snail's Pace

So I seriously and naively thought that I would be pregnant by now. You know meet couple, we all like one another, then I would get pregnant. Well apparently I was wrong VERY wrong. Damn I hate being wrong. This process can take a long freaking time.

First the guys needed to get their "stuff" checked to see. Then the egg donor needs to have her vag checked (such fun) and get medically cleared. Then a few weeks for all of us to get our contracts, then all of us have to get our contracts back. THEN we actually get a calendar to start this whole thing. Yeah you heard me right, we haven't even started.

I have no idea what kind of timeline we are talking about. I feel like time is all sorts of suspended. I just wanted to update you all. I'm not pregnant, I haven't even started, but I promise to keep you all sorts of informed.

In other news Geaux Tigers. Yeah I live in PA, but I can still root for my team.

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  1. hi! i read the post Modg highlighted and was surprised to read your story because it's very similar to mine. i applied in May, matched in November and am finally signing the contract and beginning the shots THIS week. very exciting. but wow, has it taken forever. i'm hoping the pregnancy goes by more quickly than this craziness. anyway, good luck! can't wait to read more. oh, and i'm matched with two guys, but neither are Asian. :)