Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little Dude got his first real boo-boo

and I caused it. I was clipping his nails and got to the final finger and clipped the tip of his finger rather than the nail. The worst part, he whimpered, didn't cry, just whimpered, it was heart wrenching. Then he bled, oh my poor sweet baby. He had to have his first band-aid. The second worst part, John calling it a boo-boo.

There was a little comedy involved. After he got his band-aid he kept staring at his finger and this "thing" on it, and his new inability to bend it. Then, as is usually the case, he stuck his finger in his mouth and got a sour face. Sooo funny.

Attached are pictures of the disfigurement, or just a little larger than a paper cut cut.

please forgive the dirty fingernails

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