Thursday, February 24, 2011

What are your plans today?

Such a simple sounding question, but when you are charged with the care of a 3.5 & 7 month old your answer becomes "surviving".

Miss K comes over around 7:15am, needs to nap within an hour which is about the time Brooks is waking. Then there is feeding, an almost 4 month old who refuses to go to sleep easily and a 7 month old breast fed baby who has bottle envy. I'm not going to lie, around 11 I load them in the car for a drive. Usually over to the school where John teaches for lunch, but sometimes we drive to Starbucks, and I sit in the parking lot drinking a much deserved froufrou drink while playing on their wifi.

Yesterday was one of those days where surviving was all I could do. Most days are better than that though, like today. About 20 minutes after arriving, I put Miss K in the Ergo (couldn't live without this), and she went to sleep easily and with only minimal fussing. I thought to myself, this is going to be the best day ever OR they are going to gang up on me later. I am pleased to report that today was the former. Grocery shopped, had lunch with John, fixed dinner, got some artsy pics of the kids taken, and walked to a friends house for a little play date.

Here's hoping that tomorrow is even better. And just for a little proof how well today ended....

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