Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Peer Presurre - The Toddler Years

Brooks was really crabby the past few days, like really crabby, like full out temper tantrums at the drop of hat. The first few were funny, but hearing him scream at the drop of a hat gets really old really quickly. He was wearing on me, I was almost to the point of a crying tantrum myself. I sent an email to my friends to see who was available and to rally the troops. I needed back up.

Amanda emailed and asked if we wanted to take a walk around town, YES! Brooks threw a tantrum getting into his stroller, fun times. Finally he fell asleep on the walk, I was so grateful for a little Brooks silence. We walked all over our little town and worked up an appetite. Brooks was still asleep when we went to one of my favorite restaurants. He woke up right as our food arrived and I was dreading another tantrum. I knew he would be hungry and might not want to eat what I had gotten.

Then it happened, he wanted everything Amanda's son Gavin was eating, including a carrot. The kid eat an entire baby carrot. WHAT!?!?! He was perky, in a good mood, blowing kisses to everyone and smiling ear to ear, just like Gavin (sans blowing kisses). But lightening doesn't strike twice, or does it....

A few hours later my friend Eva came by with Aedlin, after playing for a bit the kids were both hungry. I mentally prepare for the food struggle. He goes into his high chair and John pulls out peas, black beans and corn, he's not interested in any of it, that is until Aedlin starts grabbing for it, then he wants it all. The man is a pea eating machine, shoveling black beans into his mouth like the starving man he is not. He had a charcoal like residue on his face the rest of the evening.

Today without any of his friends, he was back to his new normal, total food refusal, with the exception of Chick fil A nuggets, pizza (how I'm hiding veggies), and french fries. *sigh* at least he's cute.

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