Friday, October 7, 2011

Sick Days

Brooks started getting sick while I was at a wedding on Saturday evening. Fortunately my parents were here with him and John got home earlier than expected around 8pm. The dude was so pitiful, all congested and coughing these old man coughs, so not cool.

I looked up his symptoms on Dr. Google and concluded that he had croup. A virus that just needed to go through him and we just needed to wait out, but he started getting worse and John was coming down with it. Off to the hippie doctor we go just to rule out pneumonia.

An hour before his appointment he was in his car seat asleep and started coughing, he couldn't get a deep enough breath to cough. I panicked, if you know me especially when it comes to him I don't panic. If I paniced with him everytime there was cause I would have had a heart attack by now. So this was my time, I was due. We had just arrived at John's school and I scooped him up and we went straight to a shower. Once the steam from the shower started going and he started walking the congestion cleared up a LOT and he was able to breathe deeply again. I can't imagine having to go through what parents with special needs children go through on a daily basis. To listen to your little one in distress regularly is beyond comprehension.

By Tuesday John was fully in the throws of the illness and since he had worked a bunch of extra hours he decided to close down the shop at school and take off the rest of the week. Wednesday and Thursday turned into recuperating days. We unfolded the sofa into a bed in the living room and camped out there. All three of us, resting and relaxing, catching up on reading and TV. It was glorious and I was convinced that it helped me stave off this plague, then I woke up this morning to a throat of razor blades. Oh well nice try, maybe next time.

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