Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Bitch that is Karma

You know how you pop by a friend’s house and it’s not spot on clean and it makes you feel like you’re a not a total failure. Then when you’re leaving your friend says, “oh would like a homemade banana muffin”, the equal playing field just got squashed, you totally just got trumped. Then the friend says, “oh and they don’t have sugar, but they do have dairy, is that OK for him?” Translation; “I know you feed your son those organic pouches, he must want something homemade.” This started out as a seemingly innocent comment, right? Then you remember that you invited this same friend like 4 times out to eat forgetting during each invitation that this friend was on an elimination diet and only eating green beans that month, and all she’s doing is sharing the fruits of her labor and love. I’m such a jack ass.

Before realizing my jack assiness I came home and made a bunch of homemade things, biscuits with broccoli and tomatoes and a little cheese, applesauce, and mixed veggies. I’m going a thousand miles a minute in the kitchen before I realize that I’m competing with my friend. She has no idea that this is going on though. It was all subconscious. Why do we do this, especially women, especially with another woman that I consider a close friend.

I slowed down and cleaned up my kitchen, competing and comparing myself the whole time to Zoila, I’m her biggest fan. Just then I caught a waft of the apples and cinnamon and was able to stop and smell the fruits of MY labors. I took a deep breath, slowed and sat down. My back was barking at me like a mad dog. I played a round of Angry Birds and collected myself. A few minutes later the oven beeped that the muffins were done, I took them out and put them in the fridge and went to bed.

Guess who didn’t like my muffins OR applesauce and ate another of my friend’s muffins? Can you say karma boys and girls?

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