Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Major Changes

Three weeks ago tomorrow our sweet Geraldine went to the big dog park in the sky. She was 15 and her health and quality of life had seriously deteriorated over the past year. She could no longer go down the stairs in the house, which meant she was relegated to the first floor. She also was getting sick at least once a week. There was a whole laundry list of issues some worse than others.

Neither John nor I had ever had to do this before. I drove down to his parent's house and his dad met me there. I dropped her off, kissed her good bye and left. He waited and brought her back to his house and buried her next to his dog and cat that had passed the year before. So we'll always be able to visit her, but I miss our sweet Jellybean.

The following week my parents met us in Annapolis for my birthday weekend, and to pick up Nanette. After getting back from the beach Nanette, bite Brooks and then bit me. If you know Nanette you know that she is "touched", she suffers from severe anxiety. Her anxiety had gotten so bad that we could up her meds one more level and that was it. My parents have been asking for her to come and stay with them for a while, and it just seemed like the right time. We are desperately hoping that our Princess will come home next fall, but I'm having my doubts.

She is living the sweet dog life. She goes grape picking with my dad, out to breakfast with him each morning, chinquapin hunting, sleeping at night in their room or lounging on the back of the couch. She might decide that she wants to stay at summer camp and not come back to boarding school. We are thrilled that our Princess is thriving, it's all we ever wanted.

So, in two weeks we went from 3 dogs, a cat and a baby, to 1 dog, a cat and a baby, it's still nutso here.


  1. Aww, I am so sorry. Those are major changes and hard ones to deal with. It sounds like Nannette will be happier though. As a kid that was bit by a childhood dog my dad refused to part with (God love them both), everyone will be much happier with the new arrangements...I only wish my dad could have parted with his beloved dog.

  2. (and I hope that doesn't sound horribly mean...but it always made me feel a little like he loved the dog more than me! That's all I'm trying to convey)