Thursday, September 22, 2011


What do you call your child when they are no longer technically an infant, but not into full toddler-dom? He's over a year, which qualifies him as a toddler, but he's still crawling like an infant, he's inbetween. What do you call him an todfant? Indler? Come up with a new word? But what word best describes a little dude/ette who isn't running around like a maniac but crawling around and getting into everything, the sweetest most adorable pain in the ass ever (I don't think this goes away).

It's the inbetweens that kill me. Right after he started rolling over and being less of a lump around 4 months, I was very cautious around him with the lump-esque babies. Now I have to be careful with him around other infants, ones that are mobile, but aren't running like him, or when he's around toddlers and older kids where he needs to be protected. Does this cycle ever end?

I feel like when he's 4 he can play with 8 year olds, he won't be at the same place emotionally or physically, but at least he'll be stretched by them in both areas. When's he's 8, he'll be able to play with 4 year olds, because he's going to be a very careful, thoughtful and conscientious, and think through everything before he acts. This happens right, because I care and because I put everything on the interweb, right?

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