Thursday, October 27, 2011

I am gifted at finding the hardest way.

Since shopping is one of my most favorite activities ever I love sharing this with my son. Of course instead of popping into a store I now plan on an hour at an store. With this in mind, I usually do my shopping online and then go into the store to pick it up. This is not always the case, but especially so with electronics.

Brooks needed a white noise machine, all summer he had his air conditioner, but since we have a freeze warning tonight we knew that last week we had to make a change. I researched online first and found nothing that I liked, so I decided to get a docking station for my old iPod. Everything I was finding had better sound quality than I needed, which is my polite way of saying I couldn't find anything cheap.

Finally I found an am/fm radio with a docking station and crap speakers, oh well only $30 we're running with it. Then I have to find the right white noise to download to the iPod, we're not talking brain surgery people just static, but I made it as complicated as possible. I listened to different types of static for over an hour before I decided on one and then downloaded it. Then I couldn't get it onto the iPod, so I spent another hour trying to figure that out. Finally John stopped the madness and said that we needed to put the kid to bed.

We take the new long sought after radio upstairs and get it setup, then John and I argue over what will play on it, I am insisting that a lullaby will be fine and John disagreeing. I turn the radio on and it defaults to an AM station which wasn't coming through, the only thing coming through was static, lush mind numbing static. The HOURS I spent researching everything and downloading and trying to get everything to work for free AM station not coming in. When am I going to learn that sometimes the easiest way is the best way?

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  1. We run a humidifer in Joey's room every time he goes to sleep. Usually it has no water in it. He calls it 'Windy'. Works like a charm!! ;)