Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Disposable Toddler Dishes?!?!?!

The hippy in me is totally against most things disposable. I mean how wasteful is that? Just don't be a lazy ass, take your shit home and wash it. Unless of course you are forgetful, an idiot, or overwhelmed like I frequently am. In the past week I have forgotten 2 sippy cups. You know like $5 each. Ugh I feel so stupid. So back to the store because The Dude will only drink out of straw cups, not any of the 5 other types that I still have at home. There they are staring at me mockingly, come one Mary-Tyler 5 cups and straws for $3, you know that this is a better deal and you are idioically going to lose them anyway so you might as well save the money now. I think I cried a little as I threw the package into my cart. One of the biggest problems I've had as a parent is balancing our "hippy" values with ease of use and practicality. I envy my friends who seem all together, have no plastic, homemade foods and snacks, never forget wipes or run out of diapers. I, unfortunately am not that person. I have come to the conclusion that I have made a disposable cup out of something that is not disposable, so I might as well save the money and not have my heart broken twice.


  1. I think any person who claims they have it all together is only lying to make themselves feel better!

    Besides, losing it is not intentionally throwing away what you would have reused :)

  2. You don't have to throw these away. We have these cups and have had them for 4 years.