Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Birthday

Brooks’ birthday is in 5 days, (did you hear my tears?) and I have been feverishly planning his party. John gave me free reign on the planning, but has been helping me by keeping the Dude in the evening. Oh, the Dude, he has recently become possessed by a super clingy, whiny, crying, pain in the ass, not all the time, but he losses his shit if one of us leaves the room, he can be held by the other, but God forbid one of us needs to pee. Sorry for the tangent, but I don’t want to belittle John’s role in this party, because it’s huge.

A couple of months ago I came up with the idea of doing a puzzle party, and we created invitations made out of craft foam that fit together. The invitation was glued on top of the foam and then cut into four pieces, recipients were mailed the pieces so they could put them together to get all the details. Pretty creative, huh? I feel that we set the bar pretty high with the invites, and I didn’t want the party to fall short.

We decide on a menu that fits with our puzzle theme, all of the food fits together or in something, so tacos, burritos, a sundae bar and stuffed cupcakes. I then start perusing the internet for inspiration and ideas and come across this DIY sundae bar. Pretty amazing huh and it’s just a concept. JUST A FREAKING CONCEPT, this woman put in all this time in and creative powers towards a concept and this is what I have to compete with. Shit! Fortunately I’m married to a designer and together we have pieced together some AMAZING stuff. Yeah I stole a bunch of her ideas, but go back and look at them, they are flucking brilliant.

Pictures to follow, but not till Monday, have a great weekend

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