Friday, July 29, 2011

Supporting Our Community

The next town over has been having their firemen's fair this week and what a better way to end the week than with some yummy carnival food. Apparently I am WAY out of touch and figured that Brooks would be able to ride at least one of the rides with one of us, but he was a few inches too short. He doesn't know the difference, but I was looking forward to riding with him. Oh well next year.
After we made a turn around the whole place we decided on dinner, cheesesteak for me and Italian Sausage with all the trimmings for John. We were both in hog heaven with our yumminess.

Our bellies full, we trotted over to the pig, duck and goat races. John was disappointed that it wasn't an inter species race. It was still entertaining and Brooks seemed to enjoy it. Before we got there I felt a little bad for the animals begin cooped up and raced all day, but they all had really nice cages that we could see, which made me feel a lot better about the situation. I could get Brooks to say "suey, here piggy piggy pig" maybe next year.

After the races we were on our way to the waffles and ice cream stand (I know, HEAVEN!!!!!!) when the heavens opened and a deluge started, John husteled the baby to the car and I husteled to the waffle and ice cream stand. The stand had a little overhang where I got some refuge when the hail started, thankfully the hail didn't last long or was particularly long. I ran back to the car, not to save from getting wetter, I was soaked to the skin, but so my ice cream wouldn't melt in my waffle. I jumped in the car and handed the deliciousness to John while I toweled off. It was worth the drowned rat look and I would do it again in a heart beat.

Brooks on the other hand opted for post dinner peas, such a good dude.

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