Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It's the one part of my yoga practice that I always thought was silly, until recently. As I mentioned yesterday, in a very non-eloquent post, Brooks has not been himself recently. Some days he's his normal jovial self and others he is SO clingy and whiny. Even if we are playing on the floor and I sit up on the couch he looses it and doesn't want to play until I crawl back down, he gets snuggles and we can move on.

Because of this behavior I have been trying to keep him very busy with lots of different activities, the local children's museum, the pool, playgroups, parks, etc and whatever. I'm trying to wear him out socially, physically and mentally, so when it is time for bed he crashes. I try in desperation daily to minimize his tears but I feel that I have had more days like this

and fewer days like this

Then I hear about families like The Roth's (warning graphic and heart wrenching) in Ponchatoula, LA. Several of my friends down the Louisiana way informed me of this family and their plight. Their hourly struggles are more than I will go through in a year. And yet they persevere. They cherish every moment with their son, knowing that it could be the last.

Once hearing about Tripp, (also my brother's name) I really started to check myself daily. I have always cherished every kiss and cuddle, but it's harder when he's crying, or fussing. I have decided that everyday when my son isn't at his best I need to appreciate that he has the ability to express that and that I have the chance to hear or feel. No matter how trying a day we have I am grateful for every second I have my son. It is harder during the "tough" times to remember that, but as of late I have made that my priority. So unless I am getting ready to pee on myself (which we know happens), wreck the car, or burn down the house, I'm going to stop and give him an extra cuddle, because I can.

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