Saturday, August 6, 2011


My cousins went home today, booooo. They had been here since last Saturday and it was our 4th summer in a row for a nice long visit. Our visits started the first year with one little girl, the next year her sister came, now it has evolved into two young women (alright one is still really a girl) visiting.

We did some seriously touristy stuff, but also some off the beaten path activities. Zoo, Please Touch Museum, Art Museum (which I learned on this trip is really beyond fabulous and I can't wait to explore more), swimming, etc. I also took them to a breast feeding event called, they were SO good and helpful, I can't over state how helpful they both were.
Here is a list of things I will NOT be able to do once they are gone, (bonus points if you recognize the theme)

1) Pee in peace, one of them was always there to hold or entertain Brooks, so I could just pee by myself or without listening to him scream for me.

2) Not clean up dog pee. The dogs had their own personal assistant all week and she attends to their every need.

3) Not pee on myself, seriously for the first time in a long while, I was able to make it a whole week. I guess I should give myself a cookie like when my parents potty learned me. I want a cookie

4) Get laundry done. Seriously, I vacuumed the laundry room floor, because all the laundry was done and not in piles all over my floor.

5) IBe subjected to shows that focus on the letter "I" in their title, if you watch NickJr, you know what I'm talking about. Seriously the letter must be like catnip for the tweens.

6) Look at every Selena Gomez hairdo for the past 6 years. Yeah the girl is gorgeous and has fabulous hair, but she probably has a hairdresser follow her all day. No one's hair looks that good all the time.

I'm going to miss my ladies. I always have a blast with them and I hope that they say the same about me. I wish I had a picture of us together, but I didn't think about taking one. Next year though when they are 10 & 12 and BOTH taller than me.

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