Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Well, he's not a vampire

Brooks got another two teeth just 36 hours after popping another bottom tooth out. They are on the top and bicuspids #1, according to the dental charts that I scoured the Internet for. Seeing them come in before his canine teeth made me quite anxious. First, I knew that his chances of becoming the replacement for Robert Pattison in the remake of Twighlight in 18 years were over. Secondly what if there isn't enough room and the canines come in and then they can't finish coming in because there isn't enough room and his mouth is all jacked out and he's grumpier than he is now and I get less sleep than I am getting now and and and and and and.......This is when I hurried an email off to some friends. A few hours later I got a response, "Just asked my friend who teaches Dental hygiene at insert school dental school. She said there shouldn't be any spacing issues and kids don't need to go to the dentist till 3. Just do normal brushing routines and all should be fine." Phew, relief, now I can stop thinking in run on, stream of conscience sentences.

PS, can you imagine if I drank caffeine?

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