Friday, June 3, 2011

Couponing - Part 2

Yesterday I talked about saving on organic meat, I know non-organic meat does go on sale and you can usually find something that you want each week. Here’s the key, pick up a bunch of it, perhaps what you’ll want for a month of that particular cut or type.

Produce, there aren’t a lot of ways to save on fresh produce. BUT and this is a HUGE one kids, Driscoll who distributes a lot of produce all over the country has a 50cent coupon on their website. If you go to a grocery that doubles, that’s a dollar off. When I got the coupon my local store was selling strawberries in 3 pound packages for $3.49 and 1 pound packages for $1.49. Using my coupon, which I could print multiple copies of, I was able to get 3 pounds of strawberries for $1.50 a savings of $2.

The major areas of savings are going to be in toiletries and other grocery type items. (Watch out this part is VERY Glamorous!!) We needed toilet paper, no one had any on sale this particular week, so I went to the interweb and went to Angel Soft, Charmin and Northern’s web sites. Each had a coupon for 50 cents. Wegmans doesn’t see toilet paper in 4 packs, but Target and Giant do, so I used the coupons there and saved $1 on each package. Instead of buying an economy pack of 12+ rolls I bought 4 rolls at a time and got the cost of the rolls down to 25cents a roll vs 72 cents. Tampons, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, qtips, tooth paste, diaper, wipes, soda, etc, they are all perfect for this type of layering to get savings.

Another big key is noticing trends. How often does your store have toilet paper on sale? How often does meat go on sale? Once you start figuring out the trends you can figure out how much you have to buy at a time. This will help with space, so you don’t have to turn your guest room into a pantry and buy three freezers to store everything else.

Those are my tips, big and small. Just remember this is a process start small and grow with it and let it grow with you. Let the process evolve to meet you and your family’s needs. Any questions, additional advice please leave a comment so everyone can see it.

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