Monday, June 13, 2011

Where Did the Week Go?

Brooks was crazy fussy and clingy last week. When you have a 10
month old and you tell people, looking for sympathy and compassion for the HUGE bags under your eyes since you haven't slept since Jesus rode the mule and everyone responds, "Oh, it's teething", the rage that your fatigue perpetuates boils up and eventually explodes. IT'S.NOT.FUCKING.TEETHING!!!!!!!!!! But this time we really thought it was teething.

Four white looking buds on the top of his gum line are there. Glaring at as, mockingly saying, "the worst is yet to come". There was no fever, just fussiness, clinginess, and and over all blah. But no teeth, a week later all of that for still a 2 tooth grin. An amazing smile, none the less. The only good thing that we got was some amazing cuddle time. Out very active boy never cuddles anymore and last week this is how he went to sleep.

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