Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guest Blogging

Have you read the baby blackbird blog? If not run, do not walk, skipping is appropriate to her site. She is a fab-o children's clothing blogging. Such style and she finds the best stuff. I can't wait till Brooks is a little older and out of baby clothes so I can get in on some of these things. Till then I read and drool.

Once a week she has a "Top Shops" segment. It lists some (or all) of the best places in a particular city to shop for kids clothes. And guess who got to represent Philly? Yeah, me, I know the suspense on that was killer.

A couple of weeks ago Brooks and I trekked around our great city and checked out a bunch of haunts, most I knew but two were a great surprise. So check it out and show some love.

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