Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's In Your Bag?

A friend asked me how I manage to get out of the house with two kids in tow, especially for the day. Firstly, I don't carry a diaper bag, unless we are gone all day. If we are gone all day, I take my tote bag AND a diaper bag. So here we go, please disregard all the crap on the table not related to my bag.

When we go out with both babies, especially, we use Flip diapers. They take up so much less room than the usual pocket diapers we usually use. If I have both babies then I would have another cover though.

My clutch contains my cards, money, phone and keys. So much less glamorous than before Brooks. But now it's much more colorful! Also taking a picture of purse contents before leaving helps you make sure you haven't forgotten anything, which I had, critical thing for cloth diaper users a wet bag, and mine is missing.

What does your bag look like?

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