Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Most Awesomest Museum EVER!!!!!

Yes the post title required all caps for "EVER", double yes it needed that many exclamation marks, and yes I know that awesomest is not a correct word.

We took the kids to the Please Touch Museum here in Philly on Tuesday. It really is the grooviest kids museum on the planet. The building, on the outside, looks like any other classical museum. Granite walls, marble floors and some of the most stunning plaster work I've seen outside of Europe. This place reeks of stodgy blue hairs, then you get inside. The main foyer, which is the size of a small ballroom is the ticket area, and the colors are so inviting without distracting from the history of the building.

Once inside you are under the dome and there is a metal hodge podge (technical art term) artist's rendition of the Statue of Liberty's hand and torch. This represents the actual hand and torch that once stood a few yards away during the building's inception as a fundraiser for the rest of Miss Liberty.

I was going to go into detail about all the cool exhibits, but there are too many. Let me just put it to you this way, Brooks, who is 9 months old was laughing and engaged the whole day (sans nap on our back). My cousins were running everywhere, I was exhausted just trying to keep an eye on them. Once we left 2 hour naps were taken by everyone under 30, and those of us over 30 wished we could have done the same. The price tag of $15 per person, no reduction for children is a little steep, but we spent all day there 6 hours total, and it was worth every penney and then some. We're going to ask for a membership for Brooks' birthday *hint hint* John's parents, *nudge nudge*. Oh and finally you can bring your own food, which of course a lot of places don't allow, so if you take crappy overpriced amusement/museum food out of the mix it's not bad.

Oh and after watching two girls run around in a semi controlled environment, my baby rabies has been curbed. Not that it wasn't awesome to see them, but I was so exhausted from keeping track of them I couldn't enjoy myself, or have a conversation with John.

Lady Liberty's "torch" All day long this is what Brooks looked like

Tea with the Mad Hatter and March Hair

The entire day was a "blur"

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