Thursday, April 14, 2011

Super CulturedBaby

If I could find Brooks and Miss K superhero capes for their super cultured selves I would be set.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art
has a stroller tour once a month, this month we explored the Chagal exhibit. Yeah, babies don't get too much out of it, but they seem to enjoy looking at the other kids and walking around to see all the "stuff". Me, on the other hand, I get so much from it. A docent takes you around and you discuss a painting for a while, this time snipits of an exhibit. I've always enjoyed art museums, but being married to an artist I really wanted to appreciate them more and this has helped me do that.

I forgot to put the card back into my camera, so the only picture I got of them was of Brooks in his stroller (with the big boy seat attachment) in the parking garage. It will have to do.

That same evening was the dress rehearsal for the dance production at John's school. Last spring I went to every night of the tech rehearsals, all pregnant and waddling hanging out with lithe and toned college students, hoping that my gargantuan boobs wouldn't pop out of my top, and laboring to pick something off the ground. I watched 3 nights in a row their nimble bodies moving gracefully across the stage. Yeah I was envious. I've always loved dance and have the natural grace of a tree.

With the precedent set I knew I had to try and make it to this year's tech rehearsals too. Fortunately Brooks took an extra nap from 5-6, SWEET!!!!! Away we trotted to the school. Before the show he was a BIG helper making sure that the lights and dancers were all in place. I think this is my new favorite picture.

We didn't know how long he would last, but he stayed through the entire first act, 3 dance numbers. He started getting fussy during the first piece of the second act, but I swear if there hadn't been an intermission he would have made it to the end. My 9 month old big dude couldn't take his eyes off the stage. He would sit on my lap and then get down and stand never missing the movement or music before him. I was in HEAVEN. Just then John leans over to me and says, "You know this is the beginning of the end." I asked what he meant, he replied, "Next year he's going to want to be up there dancing with them." I smiled and thought to myself, I hope so.

We went during the warm ups of the first performance tonight and he was just as engaged. Ladies and gentlemen we may have a dancer on our hands. Of course if he got his mother and father's grace, dancing will not be his career. A little note Brooks, if you become a lawyer you can afford to go the ballet a lot, if you become a dancer you probably will not be able to afford a lawyer.

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