Thursday, May 5, 2011

He Better Be a Damn Good Baseball Player

With all the hitting that he’s been doing recently it’s the only good thing I can see. He will not leave Miss K alone! He wants to pull her hair, stick his fingers in her eyes, or ears or mouth. He also doesn’t have very good control over the strength of his arms and he just smacks things, including, but not limited to my face, John’s face, the dogs, the cat, Miss K, the floor, the table, I could go on forever.
We just can’t seem to distract him when he gets on a hitting whim. No toy or song is good enough. We’re both so frustrated. John even put him in a time out today; I had done this a few weeks ago too. It’s so ineffective and he has NO idea what’s going on, but it’s for our sanity. Making him sit (or go in his jumpy chair) take him away from his target. He’s never distracted for long; he definitely has some hyper focusing going on.

This morning I was the recipient of a hard and direct smack to the bridge of my nose. Brooks of course looked so pleased with himself after waking me with such undeviating attention.

Anyone have any ideas on how to cope with this? Is it just a phase that he’ll grow out of? Does this mean he’s going to hit baseballs out of the park like Babe Ruth and buy us a nice apartment in NYC where we can retire?

Of course this "milestone" was completely usurped by his taking his first steps today. He's been cruising for quite sometime, but he really starting moving today. He still needs some assistance, but not for long. His little legs are so strong, and I know right now it's just a confidence thing. Thankfully Miss K isn't mobile, she is allowed to be as mobile as she wants in 5 weeks when her Mommy is done with school.

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