Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sticking to My Day Job

After the girls left a few weeks ago we noticed a bouncy rubber ball in the bathroom. I don't know why we didn't just throw it away, but we didn't and it was placed behind the faucet. A few days after they left I took off my glasses and put them behind the faucet, agitating the bouncy ball and it fell into the sink, circled the drain and got stuck.

We thought this was not a big deal, it went in, it will easily come out, right?...... Um wrong! In our attempts to extract the ball we pushed it down further, we even tried to float it out. OK so no big deal, just unscrew the drain and it will come out. Our crescent was too small so we had to wait to borrow one.

Every time I would go to work on it, Brooks was asleep on the other side of the wall, so it waited. Last night I said no more, I'm taking care of this NOW! Monkey wrench in hand I start to unscrew the drain. I get it almost completely unhooked from the sink but it won't budge the last little bit. OK, not a big deal, I'll unscrew the U-bend and then we'll be good. One twist of the wrench and I hear CRACK. The entire U-bend cracked. Dammit! OK still not the end of the world, that's easy to fix, I start to unhook it from the drain pipe when I hear and feel *CRACK, SNAP*, the U-bend had snapped off the drain pipe. Shit

I call John to admire my handy work and he assures me that this is still not big deal, and he was right. I ended up unhooking the drain pipe too, so now we just need to go to he hardware store and get the replacements.

One things for sure the guys on This Old Home have no fear of me taking their job, nor the plumbers union having a new applicant.

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