Monday, May 30, 2011

Playmat for Brooks = Yogamat for Me

When I was exclusively nursing Brooks he ate ALL the time and I was burning about 500 extra calories a day. I had to give up gluten and dairy, so my diet was a little limited and whatever I could eat within my parameters I did. At about 7 months I was able to introduce gluten back and a month later dairy. Unfortunately he strated nursing less and I didn't change my eating.

After going down 4 sizes in clothes I had gone back up one. I was SO upset, but still wasn't able to change my eating. Namely sugar. Sugar has ALWAYS been my Achilles heel. It took me a week to cut back on my sugar. Yeah I couldn't go cold turkey, but I set a goal date and said only sugar every other day. Today is the start day and I didn't have any sugar. Woot!!!

I also started doing some exercise today. I don't really worry about working out too much because I'm always running after two babies or lifting two babies in their carriers, which weigh about 30 pounds each or carrying two babies which weigh almost 20 pounds each. My arms are starting to look really nice. My mid section is so flabby its crazy and beyond embarrqassing.

Short story long. Today is my start over day, no sugar and a work out. We have a foam mat in the living room for the babies and on demand with exercise videos. OK no excuses. 5 days a week for the next forever.

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