Friday, May 6, 2011

What We've Been Doing with Our Thursday Nights

Swim lessons. You know because little ones are like sponges, harharhar. Half of me wonders why we did it and the other half of me is really enjoying it. It’s not as though Brooks is going to learn to swim and take this valuable life tool with him forever yet. No, it’s all about the fun and the family time and getting him acclimated.

Of course he’s very advanced. We’re supposed to play on the edge for a bit before getting in, Brooks just likes to take headers in. He does do an excellent job of reaching for the wall once we swim back from our exercise and pulls himself up (almost all on his own) onto the ledge.

I brought our underwater camera with us tonight and got a few shots. They aren’t fabulous, but it shows just how much fun he’s having. I wish that when he is 15 and sullen that he could take a little part of the happiness he has right now, but that’s a pipe dream, or a really mediocre science fiction movie.

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