Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Second Craft Project of the Week

I have NO idea where this burst of creativity came from, but it happened. We were invited to a friend's third birthday and I wanted to make her a present since they might be bigger hippies than we are. The idea actually came from my mother.

Honestly the hardest and most time consuming part was figuring out how to manufacture everything. Once I got that figured out the whole process took about 15 minutes. To do it you'll need the following:
5/8" dowel - cut to 18 inches
1.5" ribbon
5/8" ribbon
double sided tape

I cut the 5/8" ribbon to 36" and did 4 strands
1" piece of 1.5" ribbon

Take the 4 strands and place the middle in the center of the dowel,

Take the contrasting piece of ribbon and put it in the middle of the dowel , secure it using the double sided tape.

Then take the 1.5" ribbon and wrap it VERY tightly around the dowel. I used a piece of tape at the base and about half way up to give a little more security.

Once you get to the top wrap twice around the top of the dowel and secure with a piece of tape. Then tie the strands in a single knot. And voila!! a wand, a gymnastics rhythm ribbon, whatever you want to call it.

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