Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Martha Stewart Better Watch Out

I might give her a run for her money. Remember last week when I posted about my plumbing fiascal? Well, I fixed it. Yeah, that's right I'm a rock star. I also added a valve, and a strap so that the handle thingy works with the stopper, so that no more bouncy balls can get caught in the drain pipe. These are all technical terms too.

The same day I worked my plumbing magic I saved a pair of shorts from ruin. Strawberries had gotten smushed all over them and I really thought they were unsalvageable. I decided to soak them in cold water in the bath tub, by that evening the stain was gone. THEN......that evening I had some chocolate chips left and decided to make some chocolate covered strawberries.

On TOP of all of this, I made my niece's birthday present. A fabulous dinosaur tail in pink and green. It has not photographed well, and has been compared in photos to a strap on, so I shan't include a photo, but a link to the blog where I got the directions. HERE It was so much easier than I expected and only took me about 2 hours start to finish and I am NOT a good sewer. I think if I had better scissors I would have saved 30 minutes. Lesson learned.

THEN, because I am really just THIS awesome. I framed and then hung Brooks' 6 month photos over the fireplace. And started a 2nd craft project.

OK, so I didn't mean for this to be a Mary-Tyler is so awesome post, but I really needed a pick me up, and except for shopping, praise is a great way to accomplish it. I'll post pictures of the 2nd craft project tomorrow, because it's adorable, if it works!!

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