Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another Milestone

Sorry about my last post, there were so many typos and it was a little scattered. I typed it on my phone while sitting on the floor next to Miss K while she was in her swing, spitting out her pacifier every 2 minutes.

Since Sunday evening this is what we've been dealing with.

This is the thermometer reading 102.5, an hour after he had some acetaminophen. He's never had a fever and this is the first illness that we have, (which I attribute in part to breast feeding),but I know it's not the last. He's been so pathetic, whimpering and so very warm. The only part that I have enjoyed is the snuggles that I have been given.

I took him to the doctor today no ear or throat problems. If you need us we'll be at home waiting this out.

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