Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Two For One

Since I was sick Monday and Tuesday I thought I'd try and make up for it today with two posts.

I have to gush about My Little Seat. It's not so much a high chair but a piece of fabric that slides on to most chairs and converts it into a high chair. It is a MUST for anyone who lives in a city, travels to a city on a regular basis or visits small cafes. Most of these places will not have high chairs and this means you don't have to hold your little one the whole time.

Look how happy he is, but I didn't get a picture of John and I smiling while eating our lunches. It will be a MUST give for a baby shower from now on.

OK my love fest is over. Until I use it again maybe tomorrow at the coffee shop.


  1. Awesome where can we get one?

  2. They're available online and I know babies r us. If you do a google search a bunch of things come up.