Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Your Baby Eats What?

Before Brooks was born we read about a philosphy called Baby Led Weaning. Basically your baby eats what you're eating. No purees, no cereal, etc. We do a modified version of BLW. We felt it necessary to do it this way in order to incorporate enough food into his diet slowly, plus I was gluten and dairy free.

We started with sweet potatoes, a nice yummy 2 inch or so roasted piece of sweet potato. That was 2 months ago, since then his diet includes, squash (acorn, butternut and summer), asparagus, green beans, white potatoes, bananas, quinoa, beef, chicken, avocado, grits, just to name a few. He doesn't like celery or eggs and as of yesterday quinoa isn't one of his favorites, but we'll try that again next week.

It's terrifying at times to give him food and listen to him gag, but he's never choked (knock on wood). We did make sure we knew the baby Heimlich before this all began. We also waited till he dived bombed our plates until any solids were introduced. Though once he started there was NO stopping him.

Besides him dive bombing our plates we knew he was about ready to start this, he had a pretty good pincher grip and was able to sit up unassisted.

Look at that grasp

BLW has really helped with his hand eye coordination. He's not perfect, but he's pretty freaking good. He's able to get a bottle in and out of his mouth as well as tipping it further up as he eats. He's also able to drink water out of his sippie cup unassisted. He doesn't drink all of the water in the cup, but since he tilts it, we like to fill it too high so he doesn't have a problem wetting his whistle.

Look at this contended avocado filled face.

If BLW hadn't worked for us then there are other options. But so far it is working, We don't have to cook, prepare and then freeze his food, don't have to buy jars of baby food and we know where all of his food comes from and how it's prepared. Woot!

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