Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This Old Home - well our old home at least

We moved to PA in November 2009, and bought a Federal style row house built in (apx) 1890. We knew we wanted an older home, we feel as though they have more "soul". Not that you can't bring soul to a newer home. There are definitely some...well challenges in having a baby here all, not to mention two babies!

First, the house is 3 stories and a basement. The first floor has the living and dining rooms and the kitchen. The second floor, has the nursery, storage room, bathroom and master bedroom. Third floor 2 bedrooms. Notice I only mention 1 bathroom AND it's on the 2nd floor, challenge #1. I have figured out, on most days how to leave the babies and pee without total meltdowns, notice again I said most days.

Challenge #2 - the staircase. The stairs in this house are so freaking steep. How steep are they? So steep that you can't fit a queen sized box spring up them, trust me, we know from experience. This makes carrying a baby down an experience, or carrying two babies simultaneously an adventure.

Challenge #3 - The nursery is only 81 square feet. This is actually plenty of space, unless people forget or don't think about this and decide that your son needs every stuffed animal ever AND the largest ones they can find. This isn't actually the case, but it sure does feel like it sometimes.

Challenge #4 - the door knobs.

This is one of 4 like it that we have in the house. They might not be the most beautiful doorknobs in the world, but they have so much character, the same character that drew us to our home. They are porcelain (I think) and a beautiful tortoise shell pattern. I feel each time I turn the knob I'm touching where who knows how many have touched before. What was their story? What were they wearing? Was this their baby's room?

The challenge with these door knobs is the catch, it's loud and doesn't always catch, and of course there is one on Brooks' nursery. There have been numerous occasions that we have him asleep and go to sneak out and spend an hour a minute or two getting the door to latch. This of course makes noise and wakes up the aforementioned sleeping baby, who has no intention of going back to sleep easily or quickly or for that matter quietly.

So now I'm torn. Do we replace the door knob on his door for the occasions it doesn't latch or just continue to suck it up. He'll be putting himself to sleep soon enough anyway right. That happens soon, right? Not at like 10 years old, right. Right, RIGHT, please God, RIGHT?

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  1. Don't change the nobs! We just moved into a 4 square Victorian with all the original fixtures...including a bathroom door that won't close that you have to hold while on the pot or a little person will swing the door wide open!