Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well worth the wait

My life is rarely dull, which is great, today was no exception.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has a great stroller talk program where a docent takes you to a gallery and you discuss a painting. Never before had I looked at art this way and I think its a great thing for John and I, since he is an artist and all. I packed our bags the night before since we were going to be gone most of the day. Days like today I pack two bags my tote which houses my purse, and a diaper bag that holds everything extra that I can pull from as needed but stays in the car.

We get to the museum and meet up with a friend and two acquaintances and have a lovely time on he tour I even learned a new word. We grab sandwiches in the cafe and have a nice lunch when it is decided that we would all chill there for a while. I has changed Miss K upon entering the museum but knew that Brooks needed one. My friend kept an eye on Miss K while I took Brooks to get changed. I get him out of the stroller onto the table unsnapped and go into my purse for a diaper, there are none. John had taken it out of my tote and changed him earlier. Grrrrrr..... I go back to the ladies explain the situation and pack us up. I wasn't too upset Miss K hadn't napped and Brooks was also running down. We get to the door and I see that it's full out raining, no big deal I was prepared, I put on my raincoat, pull the bunting over Miss K and put the rain shield over Brooks, and off we go.

Once we get to the car I go to grab my key and can't find it, dumbly, but luckily I had left the car unlock. I unload both babies, stroller in the trunk, etc. and sit in the driver's seat to retrace my steps. All the while I am telling myself, don't cry, you're fine, you CAN go back inside if needed, and now both babies are in serious fuss mode and about to explode. I retrace my steps and after a while remember that Brooks was playing with my clutch which houses my keys, ID and money. Praying I go to Brooks in his seat and reach behind him, there's my house key, I reach again and there is the key. HUGE sigh of relief.

OK so now we're in motion ANDDDDD gas light comes on, crap. I pull out the phone and we go to the closest one, babies wake while car is stopped, get back in on the interstate and finally they are both back asleep. *PHEW crisis averted, almost....

It had started raining again so I turned on the wipers only to find that they are totally jacked out and have scooted about 6 inches up, so I have metal scraping against the window in my vision. This is where I let you know that I wasn't driving my car, but John's. Finally we get to John's school and I let out a big sigh.

Amazingly I still consider today quite the success. Both babies were well fed, clean and slept well, and I didn't end up in tears, plus we all got cultured. Sometimes I feel like there are people watching me taking notes and writing a sitcom.

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