Thursday, March 31, 2011

They Call These "The Joys" of Homeownership?

This weekend John is between shows opening so we are doing some spring cleaning. Last year John did this all by himself since I was a waddling pregnant person, or at least when dirt was involved I was. This year I have no excuse and we are short on time due to weather so I have to get dirty. I LOVE having a garden, reaping it's benefits, looking out and seeing all the lush green, I detest gardening of any kind, except picking fresh tomatoes right off the vine and noshing.

This is what our garden looks like right now. Since I like my husband and he's not my paid gardener, it's not really fair for me to expect him to do it all. Although if he volunteered or assured me that this was his favorite activity and that he wanted "me" time I would not infringe upon his request. Since I know the first is not true and the latter is a pipe dream, I'll be getting dirty. Part of this post is to try and psych myself up, excited for all the beauty that there is lying underneath this pile of dirt and leaves. I labeled everything we have to do this weekend, except for the few building materials you can't see behind the compost bin.

The List: remove all construction materials left over from the bedroom remodel (which isn't 100% complete and why you haven't seen pictures); take the slide (since we currently have 2) to our friend's house a block away; finish raking the dog run and the rest of the yard; pull up all trellises and old plants, get hangers for and hang up the ladder.

If the result is half as lovely as last year, which I know it will be more fabulous we are in for a lush summer. A different view, but still a peak into what beauty awaits.

Oh, FYI for you history people, on the other side of our fence is a small alley, it was the privy access before these houses had indoor plumbing.

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