Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Babies MUST know

The babies must know that I am not 100% today. I went to put Miss K down for a nap and Brooks screamed. I even gave him his new toys, but I had the audacity to put him in the pack n play. How dare I try and protect him! She would only sleep if I was holding her. I could get her to sleep and put her in her seat and then Brooks would wail. He of course quieted as soon as I picked her up again, I'm sure they planned it ahead of time.

Not only am I not 100%, but it's raining, AGAIN. I'm sure you've heard this, since it's the opening headline on all the national news this morning. I am thinking of selling the house and buying an ark, that way we could get more animals. Just in case you haven't turned on the internet, TV or radio today, the whole Northeast is a mess. I'm just grateful it's not snow.
I feel like I'm back in Louisiana with all the rain only it lasts for days and we are once again under a flood watch, and expecting about 2 inches of rain today. Thank God for Wellies, mine are yellow and make a dreary day a little more cheery, especially paired with my bumble gum pink trench.

The only other thing that is helping is the double stroller we are borrowing and the mall. I'm sure the mall will be PACKED today, but I don't care. They have covered parking and both babies love to people watch. So today we will watch lots of people.

Well little Miss just stirred and Brooks broke through the barrier I had, so we are off.

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