Monday, March 14, 2011

*grumble grumble Daylight Savings Time

This post would have been called something different if I hadn't given up swearing for Lent. By the way, for you nay sayers, I'm doing a pretty good job.

After forgetting to turn the clock in our bedroom back and being an hour late for choir practice yesterday, you would think that I would make sure all of the other clocks were also adjusted, ohhhh no, not me. I forgot the main floor clock the, floor where I spend most of my day. Because of this I was thrown off all day.

Before we headed over to have lunch with John I changed both kids. Since I was off I had missed the fact that it was nap time for both. I'm changing their diapers and they are both wailing. Took me 50 minutes to get out of the house once I started getting ready to do so.

They fall asleep in the car, I grab a coffee and play on my phone. We arrive at John's school about 5 minutes before class was over. I take the kiddos to the lobby, where they have a nice carpeted area and lots of sunlight, and take them both out of their seats. I get Brooks out and notice that his jeans are a little wet, oh no they are soaked. Oh well he's going to be crawling the whole time. Then Miss K, she's soaked too, well she's not going to be crawling, fortunately she was wearing a dress, so off went the leggings.

John gets out of class and we change both babies and I realize that I forgot to tuck the diaper fully into the cover, on BOTH. Poor kiddos, I was trying so hard to soothe them both that I hastily put on their diapers. The worst part I don't have a change of clothes for either, oh and I forgot Brooks' blanket. *face palm* We just don't have leaks or blowouts with the cloth diapers so I normally don't carry a change with me. Fortunately the cloth diaper covers are larger and their wet onsies don't touch the skin.

As we were leaving I grabbed a monogrammed burp cloth that had been given to Brooks and tucked it around his legs. Miss K had her fleece blanket so I wasn't worried about her warmth. They both fell asleep on the way home and took a nice nap. Once we were inside it was 3pm!! Where had the day gone? I ran upstairs to get pants for them both but couldn't find any for her so I grabbed a pair of Brooks', they are light blue with blue lambs and blue writing that says "thank heaven for little boys". Oh the humanity!!! At least they were now both dry and happy.

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