Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Small goals

This week my small goal is to wear makeup daily. Yes it's frivolous yes its silly nut it makes me feel netter. I don't think that the small amount I put on doesn't make a world of difference except for my perception.

Today I had every intention of waking up and putting on makeup when I was done dressing.....well I overslept by an HOUR! I blazed out a text to Miss K's mom asking if I could have 10 more minutes. Fortunately they live next door and this wasn't a problem. Got my shower on, hair dried, teeth brushed and dressed in 12 minutes! I ran downstairs as her dad knocked on the door. I was nervous that this was going to be a foretelling of the day, but it wasn't. That was the only blip on the day.

After getting both babies down I went through Brooks' closet and put away his too small clothes and brought out the next size. I decided then it was time for a little makeup. Brooks stirred an wokeup about half way trough but then was kind enough to play while I finished. Horribly tomorrow will be just as blemish free.

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